It’s a Life-Style Transformation – Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, and Intellectual.”

For over 3 (three) decades, Rory T Edwards has been a leading authority on implementing Cognitive-Behavioral Wellness for athletes, families, programs, and coaches at every level of competition.

 Today’s athletes at all levels of competition encounter more impairments than ever before. Surrounded by the pressures of parents, coaches, academics, travel teams, communities, and themselves on and off the field, athletes are always expected to perform at the highest level of achievement. As a former collegiate athlete, a parent, author, and a coach, I know first-hand how those pressures can directly affect ones’ ability, confidence, and self-esteem.

My philosophy as an Athletic Wellness Specialist is to assist athletes, teams, coaches, and families in all aspects of a paradigm shift towards viable balance. Focusing on life behaviors and outcomes first, then sports. I coach from a wholistic style combining mental resiliency, quantifiable evaluation, and sport psychology principles, that enables athletes to accomplish more extraordinary evolution and understanding in their journey.  My athletes return to and reach their most significant potential sooner in sports and life.

In addition, we also provide one-one and family consultations, presentations, and workshops for assorted-level athletic teams and companies on the athlete’s sports performance pedagogy.

In addition, we also provide:

  • One-one and family consultations.
  • Presentations.
  • Workshops for various level athletic teams and companies on the athlete’s sports performance pedagogy.



As a former Dean of Students, his school culture methodology was recognized as “a national model for education” by former U.S. Secretary of Education, Roderick Paige. Rory was co-founder of the Cross-Cultural Academy of Arts and Technology Charter School in Hartford, CT,
and has assisted several school leaders in the
development of charter schools in six different states.


Rory is the author of the NEW self-published book, The “13” Commandments” as well as the life-changing guide for athletes, coaches and parents entitled, So You Want to be a Professional Athlete?: A Guide for Raising, Being, and Coaching the World’s Next Superstar.


As a transformational speaker, Rory  is an expert at empowering people and organizations at strengthening commitments to their Forethought. From these commitments, come liberating actions which produce impressive results.


Through his team of dedicated professionals and established network of successful, highly touted athletes, Rory is  conducting sports camps, counseling, and guest speaking events, personal mentoring, and extended family support workshops, throughout the United States.

“Mr. Edwards is a practical visionary with progressive and innovative ideas. His vision speaks to the urgency needed to assist and to empower young males throughout the United States. In June of 2004, I traveled with Mr. Edwards to the African country of Ghana. Throughout the trip, Mr. Edwards provided relevant contributions and feedback in helping our group understand the necessity to be active role models for young people.  His views and advice can be invaluable to many groups and organizations.”