Raising Hope

Do you have a Son you fear for every time he leaves the Home?

Mothers in many households are the breadwinner, the disciplinarian, the role model, and chief guardian of their children’s health, education, approval and admiration. Like most mothers do, they make a superhuman attempt to fulfill and excel at all these roles and more.

There’s one role, however, that mothers cannot fill: that of the Father. Research show, that boys benefit from having contact with a father—even one’s who lives outside the home. Boys raised with a father’s or positive males influence somewhere in the picture, often do better academically, financially, and socially than their fatherless peers.

The quintessence on this evidence-based research is:

The emotional component of fathers’ influence on their sons is of immeasurable importance. The fact is that boys strives for connection, correction and comprehension and, at the same time, longs for independence, which creates an emotional divide between deterioration or evolving. The struggle between his longing for connection and his strive for autonomy manifests itself differently as a boy matures. What makes the matter worse is that our culture imposes rigid gender stereotypes upon boys’ consciousness based on what it is to be a MAN. according to which boys are supposed to be tough and hide their emotions. This rejection of emotional development affects boys very negatively since they cannot give outlet to their feelings and emotions. Consequently, they suffer deeply in their souls, which may lead to various psychological and attachment disorders.

This seminar will consist of (5) levels of impartial strategies which will include real life paradigms, a review of the prior session including; healing training, challenges, discourses, coaching / building of the new aptitude learned, displayed examples and inspiring group discussions, feedback, and a summation.