Athletic Lifestyle Management Preparation

Do you have a Son / Daughter or do YOU! want to become a Professional Athlete?

The Importance

Reaching children starts by catching their attention. The “So you want to be a Professional” Campaign, will grab their attention right away because our brand is associated with something all children dream about…Professional Sports. Up to 90% of children under the age of (12) dream about becoming a professional athlete. We will provide the tools and resources they will need to make their dream of becoming a Professional in “LIFE” a reality.

The Goal

Our ultimate goal is to empower parents, children, coaches and communities with the resources and knowledge they will need to become successful people. Truth be told, we are not overly concerned with turning children into professional athletes. Far more children will not play professional sports for a living. We believe the traits of successful athletes applies to everything. Sports is merely the “Trojan Horse” as it were; a way to connect with children at an early age to instill habits that will lead to success in whatever profession they choose. Our overall end goal is to positively alter the attitudinal and behavioral perspective of young developing athletes regarding what it means to conduct themselves like the consummate ‘professional / athlete’ both on and off the field.

Our workshops, lectures, camps & seminars, are unique because they engage the parents, athletes, coaches and the community on multiple levels while providing them with the tools and resources to guide their young athlete’s academic, social, and civic development. Some of our session/workshops offerings include but not limited to:

  1. Outlining the realities of the journey Through and Too Professional Sports. 
  2. Financial Mastery in and out of Sports.
  3. NCAA Rules, Requirements and Regulations.
  4. Health and Nutritional Robustness.
  5. Effective Communication (verbal and non-verbal) and Negotiation proficiencies. (Your net-work is your net-worth)
  6. Image and Career Development. (Your Attitude defines your Altitude)
    Academic / Athletic Excellence- (How to manage both and win).
  7. Knowing your Numbers.
  8. Women in sports (Knowing their journey)
  9. Parents and their Accountability in this Journey.