Dacia Toll

President Achievement First

One of Rory’s greatest assets is his inspiring communication skills. He is extraordinarily gifted, when Rory stands up to speak, all eyes turn to him, and he can hold their attention. He is a wonderful extemporaneous speaker; he can speak eloquently without notes or much preparation at all. Of course, it seems as if Rory’s whole life has been preparing him for this work.

Donald T. Crockett, II

I can testify to the pure heart of Rory T. Edwards. For many years he has been dedicated to the growth and assistance of those that are neglected by this world’s system. This dedication has never been predicated on return on investment, which is what separates him from others who proclaim the charge of “helping.” Instead, in spite of minimum, and often without, financial and material reconciliation, he has continued his “purpose” without wavering. Rory’s commitment goes beyond his words, and he has proven to be a living example instead of a talking example. I am obliged to support a man of his character and purpose.

Torrence M. Conaway

Business Consultant & Educator

Rory Edwards has been a strong leader and advocate for education long before I’ve known him. His exceptional work has been demonstrated along the east coast for over 30 years. He has been known as the “go to guy” for engaging our young people and helping them rise to the occasion all the time every time. He is a pioneer and his excellent work and commitment in providing quality education to youth is a force to be reckoned with.

Talibah Mbonisi

President of WeParent

Rory Edwards is a force. I have had the pleasure of working with Rory to develop programs that combine his focus on youth mentoring with programs that strengthen the ability of parents to partner in supporting the personal development and success of their children. His work with our youth has had an impact on communities across the country where young people in underserved communities remain neglected.

David Irons Sr. C.E.O.

Rory showed excellent communication skills and consistently exceeded company quotas. On a personal level, he’s charismatic and well-spoken, both qualities that have served him well in his role as C.O.O. of Georgia Training Alliance, helping professional athletes become life-long professionals in the game of Life.

Dr. Beverly A. Johnson, Associate Professor of English

Central Connecticut State University

Mr. Edwards is a practical visionary with progressive and innovative ideas. His vision speaks to the urgency needed to assist and to empower young males throughout the United States. In June of 2004, I traveled with Mr. Edwards to the African country of Ghana. Throughout the trip, Mr. Edwards provided relevant contributions and feedback in helping our group understand the necessity to be active role models for young people. I have also witnessed Mr. Edwards deliver speeches and participate in panel discussions pertaining to the quality of education for people of color and the outcomes of their failure to the overall education system and ways to empower young people in this country. His views and advice can be invaluable to many groups and organizations.

Christopher Charles Mate-Kole. Ph.D

Professor/Head of Psychology Department- University of Ghana Retired Professor at Central Connecticut State University

As one the most notable Influencers and Renovators of the human development paradigm and owner of the, Rory T. Edwards Group, Rory worked relentlessly in a multitude of leadership positions over the last 30 years in Education, Community development, Corporate business, and Non-Profit organizations. Rory has taught at every level of education (elementary-college) and every type of learning institution; public, technical, private, and charter. He served as President of the New Britain, CT. Branch of the N.A.A.C.P. and was also a member of the National NAACP Education Committee. Rory played a significant role in the success of the nationally acclaimed Amistad Academy in New Haven, CT. As Dean of Students and Faculty, his school culture methodology was hailed by the former U.S. Secretary of Education as “A National Model for Education.” Rory was Co-founder of, The Cross-Cultural Academy of Arts and Technology Charter School, and has assisted numerous school leaders in the development of their charter schools across America and abroad. Rory was Chief Operations Officer of the Georgia Training Alliance. He is also, the International Founder of “Once a Man, Twice a Child” Rites of Passage Institute. Rory was invited to participate in the United States Congress Summit on Policy Based Dialogue for African- American Leaders. He is also a Fulbright Scholar chosen to continue his Humanitarian work for 8 weeks in Ghana, Africa and other parts of Africa. During his journey, Rory T. Edwards has shared the stage and space (airtime, television and radio, boardrooms, coffee houses, and arenas, with some of the most prominent and powerful figures of our time, in education, politics, business and civic life. He belonged in such company. Rory T. Edwards. His experience and credentials are rare, and his passion and commitment are unmatched. Beyond his words and creative strategies, Mr. Edwards, is walking example to all he meets. He is an eloquent conversationalist, a role model to young and old, very persuading especially to our young, that is possible to have both “swag” and education, strong and smart, committed to your own success and to the success of others, being well respected on the streets and well respected in the halls of power. His actions are always a powerful megaphone to the many he has and continues to influence.